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  • Autumn Sunset in 12 Panels<br>34″ x 54″<br>Scottsdale, AZ.<br>Near the pool!

    Autumn Sunset in 12 Panels
    34″ x 54″
    Scottsdale, AZ.
    Near the pool!

  • Let it Snow!<br>Outside installation in Pennsylvania.

    Let it Snow!
    Outside installation in Pennsylvania.

  • Winter Sunset in 12 Panels<br>34″ x 54″<br>OUTSIDE at CODA Gallery<br>Palm Springs, CA

    Winter Sunset in 12 Panels
    34″ x 54″
    OUTSIDE at CODA Gallery
    Palm Springs, CA

  • Orion’s Rose in 12 Panels<br>Installed at Gallery Mack, Seattle

    Orion’s Rose in 12 Panels
    Installed at Gallery Mack, Seattle

  • Swan Nebula in Twenty Panels<br>NICHE Award Finalist<br>46″ x 66″<br>condominium lobby<br>Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Swan Nebula in Twenty Panels
    NICHE Award Finalist
    46″ x 66″
    condominium lobby
    Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Current installation at the<br>Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

    Current installation at the
    Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

  • Stormy Seaside in 12 panels<br>33″ x 53″<br> National NICHE Finalist

    Stormy Seaside in 12 panels
    33″ x 53″
    National NICHE Finalist

  • Presentation for New York Architectural Digest Home Design Show

    Presentation for New York Architectural Digest Home Design Show

  • Denver Club Lobby<br>15 Panel Installation<br>36″ x 72″

    Denver Club Lobby
    15 Panel Installation
    36″ x 72″

  • Residence<br>Tucson, Arizona<br>72″ x 22″

    Tucson, Arizona
    72″ x 22″

  • Alchemy<br>International Juried Exhibition

    International Juried Exhibition

“Cynthia Miller’s beautiful enamels are striking from the first encounter; with their textured surfaces and complex meld of colors.”

Jenifer Scanlan — Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) New York City

Currently living in Tucson, Cynthia Miller’s unique installations have been featured at SOFA Chicago 2016, 2015 and 2014, Architectural Digest New York Shows 2015- 14, and the Palm Beach Fine Art Show.

Design professionals commission Cynthia to create commercial and residential applications. Her work is in collections throughout the United States, Europe, and New Zealand. Her medium, vitreous enamel glass, is kiln fused onto burnished copper. These panels are impervious to rain and temperature change and therefore suitable for outdoor, as well as indoor installation.